How To Use

  1. Upload the video you wish to extract picture’s by clicking on either “choose file button” or on the image inside the box shown by an upward arrow. Note : Video format supported for conversion are MP4, WebM, Ogg. Video to picture After Uploading the video, you will see you video inside the upload box. Video to picture
  2. Select the Size (Resolution) you want your pictures to be extracted. Note : You will get four option for size (Resolution) selection. First Option “Original” means the resolution is same as your video’s resolution. Other then that you have three more option i.e 480x320, 1024x600 and 1024x768. Video to picture
  3. Select the conversion speed for extraction of picture’s. Video to picture Note : For conversion of picture you have five options available.
    Mode Conversion Rate Pictures Captured
    1 - Faster Faster compared to all Less compared to all
    2 Fast compared to below modes Bit more then ”Faster” mode
    3- Normal Medium Compared to all More the above two modes
    4 Less compared to above modes More compared to above modes
    5- Slow Slowest among all More compared to all.
  4. To convert the video into picture click on “Convert video to image button”. Video to picture
  5. As the conversion starts, you will get two option “Extract in background” and “Abort” Video to picture Note : If you want to cancel the process then click on “Abort”.
  6. On clicking “Extracting in background” button you can view the images being extracting on the right hand side of your screen. Video to picture
  7. You can Download all the images or one by one by clicking on “Download All” , “Download Selected” or through Icons inside right hand side box. Video to picture Notes : You can Share the image on Facebook by clicking on the share icon. Video to picture Video to picture
  8. You can view all the images at the same time by clicking on Large View icon on right hand corner. Video to picture Video to picture